Sequence V1.5

Sequence V1.5 is a piece of software for collision induced dissociation mass spectrometric sequencing of peptides prepared by combinatorial split-and-pool methodology.


Sequence V1.5 works for both cyclic and linear peptides, and combines library enumeration and sequencing into one package. Any number of mass spectra may be supplied, with arbitrary MSn steps. Common peptide fragmentations are understood, and the user may specify unnatural residues and end groups.

Supplied with a simple to use Excel spreadsheet user interface, the software can be mastered without detailed knowledge of mass spectrometry or computer programming. All results are conveniently gathered in regular worksheets for viewing, printing and archiving. The expert user can tailor the software using VBA, or another language of choice, to create a customized interface.


The Sequence V1.5 software was first publicly released at the Fall Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Boston, 2002. It was originally developed and tested by James E. Redman, Keith M. Wilcoxen and M. Reza Ghadiri at The Scripps Research Institute. JER thanks the Wellcome Trust for a postdoctoral fellowship (061454).


Sequence V1.5 is available free of charge. The full package includes the Sequence program itself, the Excel spreadsheet user interface, the full documentation in PDF format, and some example files which are necessary to work through the tutorial. To obtain a copy please email where you need to replace the ~ with the @ character. Please put the word "sequence" in the subject line of your email.


Once your request for the software has been received you will be sent a URL and password to permit download. Your contact details will not be passed on to any third party and you will not receive further emails

from us.


Use the program entirely at your own risk. No guarantees are made regarding its performance and there is no support. Please refer to the full disclaimer in the documentation.



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Automated computer assisted mass spectrometric sequencing of cyclic peptide library members.
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Rapid QSAR of antimicrobial cyclic peptides through non-encoded split and pool synthesis and automated sequencing.
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